Acro (10-18 yr)

Acro Dance combines dance technique with acrobatic moves. This is a high enery class for the mature dancer where they will learn tumbling and acrobatic moves.  Dancers will explore strength training and flexibility in a fun and supportive way. Designed to enhance muscle control, patience, and flexibility. Similiar to the floor work in gymnastics dancers will learn tumble moves such as cartwheels, handstands, and walkovers. Skills will progress based on each dancers experience and ability. Ms. Lisa’s Dance uses the “Acrobatic Arts” program in their Acro Dance classes and many of our teachers are acrobatic certified.

Class Times:

Thursday 4:30-5:30 – Teacher: Ms. Morgan W.

Dress Code:

Any color leotard with footless tights or a tight fitting tshirt with tight shorts (no loose running shorts). Dancers will dance barefoot for this age. Hair pulled back.

Ballet III/Pointe (Ages 10-18 yr)

Ballet is often referred to as the foundation for all other dance styles. Ballet helps dancers with posture, patience, control, balance, and self confidence. Each class will begin with barre work to fine tune body placement and alignment. The techniques of ballet are furthered through center combinations and across the floor exercises. This class is designed for students who have mastered the basic skills of ballet and want to take ballet to the next level. Core strength is a key focus. This class is a great preparation for any dancer who desires to go en pointe. If dancers have been moved onto Pointe, during this class they will do barre work only in their pointe shoes. Dancers are required to take a placement class before enrolling in this class.

Class Times:

Wednesday 5:00-6:00 – Teacher: Ms. Lital


Dress Code:

Black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. Hair in bun.

Contemporary (Ages 10-18 yr)

Contemporary often incorporates elements of ballet and fuses all different forms of dance into one unique style.  This is a structured dance class that includes intricate floor work, technique across the floor, and self-expression through movement.

Class Times:

Thursday 6:30-7:30 – Teacher: Ms. Lital

Dress Code:

Any color leotard with tights or a tight fitting tshirt with tight shorts or leggings. Dancers will dance barefoot for this class. Hair pulled off of face.

Hip Hop (Ages 10-18 yr)

This class is a high energy style of dance for ages 13 to 18. The class uses intricate foot work, as well as arm motions. Class begins with a warm up, progresses across the floor and then moves into the center of the floor to work on choreography and combinations. The students are encouraged to develop their own style of movement with freestyle dancing. Prior Hip Hop experience is not required for this class.

Class Times:

Thursday 7:30-8:30 – Teacher: Ms. Emily & Ms. Lital

Dress Code:

Any comfortable clothes such as shorts & a tshirt. Dancers can wear sneakers for this class. Hair pulled off of face.

Lyrical (Ages 10-18 yr)

Lyrical dance is a creative dance style that blends classical ballet with jazz and contemporary. This class focuses on creative self expression using emotions and individual movements from the dancers. Lyrical is a fluid dance style that often tells a story through dance. This class will end with 30 minutes of Improv each week. Improv is optional and not required for dancers in this class. Improv encourages dancers to experiment with personal artistry, freedom of movement, and contact with other dancers. Students are encouraged to express emotions in natural, spontaneous movement, and personal interpretation with little to no guidance from the instructor.

Class Times:

Wednesday 4:00-5:00 – Teacher: Ms. Lital

Dress Code:

Any color leotard with tights or a tight fitting tshirt with tight shorts or leggings. Twyla lyrical shoes. Hair pulled off of face.

Technique (Ages 10-18 yr)

This class begins with a warm up, center floor transitions and across the floor, proper body placement and spotting are mastered in this class. A great class for competition or advanced dancers who are looking to keep their skills over the Summer break!

Class Times:

Thursday 5:30-6:30 – Teacher: Ms. Morgan W.

Dress Code:

Any color leotard with tights or a tight fitting tshirt with tight shorts or leggings and jazz shoes. Hair pulled back.

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