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2021 Summer Workshops

Acro & Dance Ages 6-13 yrs

June 7th-11th  Dance: Soul (Building Friendships & Confidence)  Acro: Cartwheels & Aerials

June 14th-18th  Dance: Seissical Musical Theatre   Acro: Flexibility & Jumps

June 21st-25th  Dance: Jojo Jazz & Pop  Acro: Partner Tricks

June 28th-July 2nd  Dance: Cruella Musical Theatre  Acro: Contortion/Cirque Du Soleil

July 5th-9th  Dance: Descendants  Acro: Beam & Balance

July 12th-16th  Dance: The Adams Family Musical Theatre  Acro: Pom Poms & Cheer

July 19th-23rd  Dance: Improv & Student Choregraphy  Acro: Back Bends & Walkovers

July 26th-30th  Dance: Cinderella 2 Musical Theatre   Acro: Handstands & Headstands

August 2nd-6th  Dance: High School Musical Theatre  Acro: End of Summer Acro Blast


Summer Workshops for ages 6-13 yrs are weekly themed Workshops that run June 7th-Aug 6th.

Weekly Tuition: Dance Workshops 9:00-12:00 = $165  Acro Workshops 12:00-3:00 = $165 Both Workshops = $300

A nonrefundable $30 deposit (will be deducted from the tuition payment) will be due for each week enrolled is due at time of registration. Remaining balance due on the first day of each workshop.

Summer Acro Workshops (Ages 3-5 yrs)

Acro workshops for ages 3-5 yrs held at the Acro Studio run 9:00am-12:00pm. Workshop includes acrobatics, snack, crafts, games, and more!          Workshops = $165 per week

FULL  June 7th-11th Cartwheel & Cupcakes – Flip to Ms. Lisa’s Dance for a cartwheel & cupcake Acro Workshop! Dancers will learn basic acro moves, such as cartwheels, somersaults, and handstands; while enjoying yummy treats! Dancers will explore baking and cooking as they make & decorate their snacks. It’s going to be delicious!

July 12th-16th Pom Poms & Cheer – Give me a ‘F’, give me a ‘U’, give me a ‘N’. What’s that spell? Fun! It’s going to be a fun week at Ms. Lisa’s as dancers learn cheer and acro dance. Dancers will make their own pom poms to learn cheer routines and acrobatic moves from a professional cheerleader. Don’t miss out on this high kickin’ week at Ms. Lisa’s!


Workshop Notes: 

– Dancers can  wear any color leotard with shorts or a tight fitting tshirt and dance leggings. For Acro dancers will dance barefoot, for dance workshops dancers can wear Ballet shoes, jazz shoes, or socks. Hair pulled out of face. 

– Small student-teacher ratio. Only 12 children maximum admitted for each workshop.
– Due to Covid-19, safety precautions will be used as needed. As of now workshops will be capped at 12 dancers, more spots may become available later if it is safe to do so. Temp checks, social distancing, masks, hand santizer, etc will be used as needed.

Located: Ms. Lisa’s Acro & Tumble Studio – 4535 S. Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, Fl 33611


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