Twirling Tutu Tunes Vol. 1
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Twirling Tutu Tunes was written and created by Lisa Schmiedeke. Lisa has owned a dance studio for 16 years and has been working with kids of all ages for more than a decade. She currently has over 200 dancers age 2 and under and her average number of 3 and 4 years old is 250. As a young child she fell in love with the art of dance and a joy for sharing her passion with others. Lisa attends workshops nationwide sharing and learning the latest techniques. Lisa wants to continue to instill the passion of dance through Twirling Tutu Tunes!

Twirling Tutu Tunes Vol. 1 is the first CD by Ms. Lisa!

This CD has music perfect for ages 18 months to 4 years that explores spatial relationships, body awareness, coordination, locomotive movements, and directional concepts. It introduces dancers to ballet skills using their imagination while incorporating movement. Some props may be requested with songs that will help to engage the dancers. The Cd has a description for each song. Your dancers will be twirling, singing, and learning basic ballet skills while planting the seed to grow their passion to dance.

Copyright Lisa R. Schmiedeke 2020

Lyrics written by Lisa R. Schmiedeke Sung by Erika Flaskamp